This is the online version of my résumé. Click here to download a PDF variant.


Python: FlaskNLTKWord2VecTensorFlow
Java: SpringSpring BootDrools
JavaScript: ReactAngularAngularJSNode.js
Devops: CI & CD ScriptingDockerDigitalOceanAWS

Work Experience

Develop Diverse

Jan 2020 – Now
Freelance Front-end
  • Added multiple pages and new functionality to the dashboard.
  • Reworked core functionality of the bias detection editor.
  • Continuous refactoring and clean-up of old code.

EasterBlanket Development

Dec 2019 – Now
  • Prototyped an Amazon Alexa skill that provides a quick access voice interface to Quyntess's software.
  • Longer-term development at Develop Diverse.


Oct 2018 – Aug 2019
Full Stack Developer
  • Designed and created multiple Flask API's for our API network.
  • Contributed to the overall system architecture design.
  • Led the development of two React dashboards and a shared component library.
  • Trained another developer in using React and Git workflow.
  • Setup several Docker containers and got into continuous integration and deployment.


Jul 2015 – Nov 2018
Developer & Co-founder
  • Developed a clustering algorithm that made the most optimal teams for any task, driven by text analysis with Word2Vec.
  • Wrote the clustering API in Flask, later porting the REST functionality to a Drools-driven Java Spring Boot implementation.
  • Made several AngularJS applications for demonstrating API capabilities.


Artificial Intelligence

2012 – 2018
Utrecht University
During my studies, I mainly focused on courses related to computer science. For my thesis, I wrote a custom classification algorithm based on the Levenshtein Distance.

I was active in our study association, U.S.C.K.I. Incognito. As a member of several commissions I mainly organized talks from alumni, professors, etc.


Junction Hackathon

Nov 2019
Participated in Junction 2019 in Helsinki, getting second place in the community popularity vote.

We created an AI-based Crowd Control in our concept application "PocketPark". This would improve the experiences of both visitors and management of Finland's national parks.

Xomnia Hackathons

2016 – 2018
Participated multiple in Xomnia hackathons. We won the first prize in 2017 (Police Security Monitor) and the second prize in 2016 (Sustainable Fishing).